Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dance Class (7/52)

This week's portraits were inspired by the theme Shakes Glacier with River Beauty in Bloom by bettybrock. Unfortunately, I don't have beautiful picturesque mountains or an aptitude for truly capturing nature's beauty. Instead, I based my entry on the word Shake. I really, really, really, stretched it to depict Muffin's dance experience.  

You have always been a very active little guy. You love running, flipping, and anything else that can result in boo boos. Recently, your interest in dance became more focused. You can be a bit timid around unfamiliar people, but there was a shift. A few weeks ago, you was listening to a song (Get Lucky by Daft Punk... Don't Judge Me) while we were shopping. You just broke out into a dance. You closed your eyes, moved to the music, and didn't care who was watching! Anyone who knows you would know that this was a huge deal. I signed you up for dance class the same day.

I decided to capture the moments from when your first tried your dance shoes on (they arrived right before class) until you had to take them off for the first time. Ideally, I would have captured you opening the box and seeing the shoes for the first time. It didn't work out that way at all. I picked up the box, from our mailbox, and put it in the back seat. Before we even made it home, you opened the box. You cradled the shoes lovingly. I lamented not having the ability to drive and take pictures of you in the backseat.

You were in love and insisted on putting the shoes on, immediately. You jumped and twirled around the kitchen. You kept pausing to admire your shoes. I promise that everything he did was infinitely more graceful. Even when you fell, you made a special effort to make it slow and "dancelike." 

Of course, you were the only little guy in class. You were totally engrossed in watching the girls prance around. The instructor was firm about not allowing parents into the studio. She even covered the window with paper. As you can see from my photograph, I found a little Parent Peep Hole.

At the end of this set, there is a marked difference in your mood. Unfortunately, you had to take your Dance Shoes off. You were heartbroken. Dad (Hubby) caved a bit and let you wear the Dance Shoes while you were seated in the car.

We are so excited about your upcoming class and have a special surprise for you. In addition to your Creative Movement class, we are also going to sign you up for Ballet!

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  1. My nephew Mikey has been in dance for the past 4 years (ballet and tap). He is now 9 and the boys are starting to make fun of him. It cracked me up as the boys teased him Mikey (without missing a beat) said "Yeah, but I have all the girlfriends" lol I love how you captured Muffins love of dance and the excitement of that first lesson!


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