Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One-Hundred Happy Days

It has been a long and wonderful Wedding Season. As the season comes to a close, I'm feeling the desire to switch gears. Capturing your every day is my passion. The pictures and videos will one day be my gift to you.

I decided to give the 100 Happy Days Challenge a try. I'm not going to pressure myself with composing the perfect shots. I'm not going to get discouraged if I miss a day. This is just an opportunity for me to develop a grateful spirit and a sensitivity to the little joys in my life. You may find it interesting when you are older. I know it is important to me now, and I want you to develop a similar outlook.

The post will not be long. It is only my goal to describe the moment and the reason it made me happy. In the photo above, you are gently holding a toad/frog. It makes me happy because it is the perfect symbol of your newfound independence. Since beginning Kindergarten, you have become so confident.

Today, we pulled up to the house after school. You saw a little boy with a frog. You asked if you could run and take a look. I said okay and went inside to put some things away. Less than five minutes later, I peeked out the door and you were surrounded by children. In your hands was the frog. I called out that I wanted to take a picture. In the time that it took me to grab my camera, you decided to kiss the frog! Bleh!


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