Monday, January 5, 2015

Best Faces Runner Ups...

After reading and rereading the contest rules, I  came across a little nugget of information. It mentioned that winning photos must be the only photo included on the blog entry. With that in mind, I transferred the runner ups to their own page.

I thought about sharing this portrait from your first school field trip. You were so very contemplative and brave. I know how much the Straw Maze scared you.

 You looked so sad, when you thought Daddy forgot to take you to run errands.

I remember how cute you were in your Mommy-Made sheep costume. You were not excited about your original Nativity play lamb costume. 

Honestly, this portrait could have been taken on any given day. You are always lounging in the grownup bed with a a friend.

I really wanted to share your first hike through the woods, but it didn't feel quite right.

This is the portrait that I know you would have chosen. This was an outtake, but it is so you! It ended up being the one we framed for your room. 

Finally, I really considered sharing your Birthday Portrait. You started age 4 with the best faces ever!

In the end, I decided to go with the Daddy, Muffin, and Daffodil (the little doll) portrait. It makes me my heart smile, just like you do. :)

Love You Forever and Ever,


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  1. You have to read the fine written rules lol :)


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