Saturday, January 3, 2015

Haircut Day!

Let me begin by saying that The Party Wall, from New Years Eve, is a total hit. You've made it your personal mission to ensure that it remains intact and in our bedroom. ;)

We started the day super early. It's the best way to move the process along and not get stuck waiting. Although you are not in love with the process, the haircut itself doesn't scare you. The noise of the "Happy Clippers" startles you. Eric, your barber, has a way of taking your mind off of the process. He knows things about you (like your passion for birds and cars) and makes sure to keep the conversation going.

Side Note: I began cutting your hair at 8 months old. Even then, you were very uncomfortable around loud abrasive noises. I found the most quiet set of clippers possible. We had a whole day of playing with the clippers, and I named them Happy Clippers. I thought it would make the whole process a little more Muffin friendly. :)

After Eric finished, he turned you around and asked for your stamp of approval. You waited several moments to answer, while you thoughtfully examined your hair. If everything is a go, you shake Eric's hand and say, "You did a great job!" Today, you requested some additional styling (it is still crazy to me that you have hair preferences).

You mentioned that you wanted your curls to be even curlier. With that request, Eric set to work meticulously grooming and shaping your curls. You are an absolute enigma, sometimes. It usually takes a lot of convincing to get you settled and at ease for a haircut. Still, you are very sure of what you like (style wise) and will sit in the chair as long as it takes to achieve your desired look. I would think that you would want the quickest possible haircut. 

There are always plenty of smiles, at the end of the visit. :) 

We usually do a bit of shopping, after the Barber shop. You fell in love with this owl lamp.

Your favorite part of Haircut Day is the Mommy-Muffin grooming. I washed your hair, gave you a deep conditioning treatment, and moisturized your hair. There is a warm up period between you and the blow dryer. At first, you are timid and nervous. After a while, you take over. It always makes me chuckle. 

Love You Forever and Ever,



  1. One day muffin is going to love this journal you left him with love! I love how you capture everyday moments and make them something special! By the way, I want a party wall now! lol

  2. Special times well remembered.

  3. What a fun sequence Ericca. Your son is growing into such a handsome young man with excellent taste in lamps. Time goes so quickly.


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