Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day!

Today, I woke up with your little toes rubbing my arm. You looked at me, asked for some blanket and turned over. Imagine our surprise, when Daddy popped into the room. He had a 2-hour delay from work. You both watched the snow and hoped for a full on Snow Day!

I'm positive that my climbing on the bed disturbed your trance.

Finally, we got the official word. Schools were closed. We wasted no time getting ready!

We had a blast...

But we didn't let you off too easily...

These nice young men were going around and cleaning off people's cars! They were doing it for no other reason than to be kind. :)

 Before we went in, we all squeezed in for a Family Selfie. Mommy was thoroughly impressed with her cell phone camera. I also thought it would be fun to share our video from the day.

Love You Forever and Ever,



  1. Snow days were always such a treat when I was a kid! Bet Muffin enjoyed every minute of it! They called all the schools here in Omaha tomorrow...not for snow, but for -30 degree temps w/ wind chills! There will be a bunch of happy kids not waking up tomorrow.

  2. Great pics. Love his expressions especially the last photo. Beautiful family.

  3. Snow days are a treat for both the students and teachers . . . speaking from experience.

  4. What a great collection of memories from a fun family day!

  5. I agree with Lorri! Glad you joined in the challenge again this year.

  6. Snow days are a big treat here too. Your family and neighbours look soooo happy. It must be a fantastic place to live with fantastic people around you.If you see the too lads who cleared the snow, tell them that some random bloke on the other side of the world thinks they are brilliant.


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